Developer: Diaco Studios

Release Date: T.B.D.

Platforms: PC (XB1, PS4, NSW, Android, IOS as KS stretch goals!)

Website: www.Diacostudios.com

Price: T.B.D.

Languages: English

File Size: T.B.D.

Press Contact: info@diacostudios.com


The game is a beautifully styled 2d side-scrolling but it is hard to call on a single genre when it comes to the gameplay. The fighting systems are upbeat and remind us of hack & slash games while there are also some crucial RPG elements which helps the player to have a better understanding of the story and the adventure he is taking. But it is not yet over since there are obvious clues of platformer games in some of the game mechanics. Our designers have done a miraculously fun and stunning blend of all the genres mentioned above to make sure that not even a second of the gameplay bore the player.


Discover why Rostam embarks on his journey throughout the world and decides to fight against the ever growing horde of the Divs under the Pale-Div’s banner, feel Rostam’s frustration as he looks for answers to the questions that he is afraid to ask out loud.


Combat and equipment:

Rostam warrior of light’s gameplay is an Action-Rpg game with hack & slash combat, in which weapons such as swords and bows are used and the player can hold or equip them in his/her inventory and also consumables like potions and bomb and other items are available to use in difficult boss fights.

Leveling up and getting stronger:

By killing strong enemies and getting out of tough situations player becomes stronger and gets passive and active abilities that are obtained by using xp points on the desired skill in the skill tree.

Town of Zabul:

The famous bazaar of Zabul and its shops give the player the option to upgrade his/her equipment be it the main character’s sword, bow, armor, or even consumables such as potions and bombs can be upgraded by interacting with NPCs located within the town.

Beautiful Art style:

The hand painted environment and the characters existing within Rostam: warrior of light gives the player a beautiful world to experience.


The majority of our team, working on Rostam project, are artists. So you can pretty much expect a highly artistic game with concept arts to die for. Though this does not mean that other parts of the project have gone unseen. There is a hardcore Game Maker programmer, two talented designers and our brilliant musician of course.






Here in Diaco Studios, everyone is working with passion and that is what drive us forward to make something magical and amusing. We are an indie group and our engine consume love instead of money. We don’t have to make games but we would love to do it. That is why we want to make sure that we would pay attention to every single aspect of our projects. That is why we want you to dream the reality with our games.